Philadelphia Corridor

This comes from my last trip to Philadelphia. I went to the roof of my friend’s apartment to see about some nighttime shots of the downtown area. For this shot I edged myself over the building’s ledge. It was freezing cold and my fingers were just about frozen stiff but I managed to hand-hold this fifteen second exposure with remarkable sharpness.

Light from apartment windows splaying across the opposing brick caught my attention. The scene seemed too perfect to be real life so I captured it for posterity.

7 thoughts on “Philadelphia Corridor

    1. @cherry75 This is a photo I’d like to blow up really big, that way the viewer can get a better grasp of the fear I had when taking it! lol

      1. @justex07 No doubt that they would! I peeked on an iphone. Can’t wait to view it with laptop. Whoa!

    1. @makfan Thanks! I’m finally finding the time to start updating my photography blog and share some of my photos. I missed doing that.

      1. @justex07 I wish I had that talent but I don’t seem to have the patience it takes to learn to get good shots and then upload/process them.

        1. @makfan there is no doubt a talent of yours I’m jealous of & do not even know it! It is a lot of work, plus writing about art isn’t easy.

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