About Justin Scott

Justin Scott, a third-generation photographer is making a name for himself with his own artistic style. Sometimes raw and shocking, sometimes tranquil and meditative, his compelling photographs provoke varied interpretations from the audience.

Fine Art Photographer Justin Moore Scott

I love to hear what people say about my photos and what they think the images are communicating.

Scott’s wide range of subjects reflects his passion for experimenting with his art as well as the inspiration brought by photographers such as Andreas Gursky, Edward Burtynsky and Candida Höfer. Whether it’s a flowing landscape, rigid architecture, or a model shoot, Justin strives to tell a story with every image he takes.

Exploring the geometry of the photos in this collection—the straight and serpentine lines, the sharp and biting angles, the sensuous curves of columns, rows, and walls, the expansive planes, peeks curiosity.

The arrangement of subjects, whether chairs in an auditorium or a waiting room, upward reaching pillars, or the grills on a vent, appeal to my desire to capture the order of a system.

I look for the extraordinary in the ordinary and for the chaos when a system or “order” is disturbed. The sterilized architecture in these systems of educational environments seems to wipe the mind for learning. Meanwhile its overarching ceilings and oppressive lighting assimilate the subjects into the collective.

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