Surface Landscape

A sweeping landscape as seen from above, as if in a plane flying across a mountain range appears on the surface of a fallen redwood in Armstrong Woods.

New York City from Central Park

May 30, 2012 was probably my most relaxed day in New York City. Ever. I spent the entire day wandering the city by foot. For once I wouldn’t rely on cabs or trains or buses to get me from point A to point B. I walked from the Chelsea to SoHo to the Upper East Side. It was a lot of time walking and reflecting on the city as I’d never done before.

Daffodil Rising

This just might be my favorite defying gravity pic. This was taken at my fraternity’s house just before we were totally moved in. I walked into this room for the…Read More

Meter is Up

My photography course required me to do a project titled “Public”. One of my subjects for this project became public housing and utility. In Columbia we have hundreds of single…Read More

Hanging for the Moment

Carrie claims I stole her bee. She chased this guy with her lens but once he got to this flower, he just couldn’t get enough. Disinterested with his new spectator,…Read More


I hate spiders. That being said, I love how sharp his legs came out though again, a higher aperture would have been nice to sharpen things up.


Just another simple flower picture from the Jewel Box.