Andy Goldsworthy Wood Line

Andy Goldsworthy Wood Line

I can’t even remember how long ago it was that I took this photo but I do know it was my friend Jimmy who introduced me to both the Presidio and this art installation by Andy Goldsworthy titled, “Wood Line.”

In 2010, Goldsworthy looked to a new part of the park for inspiration – an historic eucalyptus grove near the Presidio’s oldest footpath, Lovers’ Lane. Eucalyptus were planted here by the U.S. Army more than a century ago, with lines of cypress trees occasionally weaved in among the regimented rows. Outcompeted, the cypress declined, leaving a large gap in the grove.

If you ever find yourself in San Francisco, definitely go to the Presidio and check out his art installations. Their towering size and the fact that they are living is a site to behold. While studying art in college I had trouble wrapping my head about temporal art installations like this. Allowing them to grow, change, decay was contrary to my desire to control my own art’s existence.

Now I get it.