The California Drought

The California landscape has changed dramatically over a few short years. Where was once lush foliage is now cracked ground. Where rivers met the Pacific to form brackish estuaries now lies scorched earth. While some choose to deny climate change, there is no denying the California drought.

And there really is no hope in sight, at least nothing over the horizon. Tomorrow there is a 30% chance of rain but no one is holding their breath. While it might seem we’ve all but given up down here, I’m optimistic that technology will succeed in undoing the damage we have done.

Between desalination plants, dramatic decreases in water use and an assortment of other climate sensitive changes we’ve made, we may just be able to make this work out. Only time will tell. In the meantime I’ll do what I can to capture the effects we’ve had on the landscape. This photo was taken from a construction site that leveled a series of canyons and hills into a flat space ripe for condominiums and strip malls.

And while it’s quite beautiful on the surface, it’s what’s lacking below the surface that’s frightening. Life.