Sony RX100 IV

The first two weeks of September I’ll be backpacking around South America with Ryan and a couple of friends. I’m incredibly existed about the opportunity to explore a continent that is totally foreign to me.

And while I’d love to have more time on this trip, I plan to make the most of the break from reality that I get by taking lots of photos, and hopefully a few good ones.

However, the thought of lugging my Nikon D810 and lenses across the countryside had me a bit weary. Not just the weight and size of it all but the likelihood of getting mugged or otherwise losing my gem.

sony_dsc_rx100_mark_4_digital_1159879So I went to the Net and searched around for a reasonably-priced solution. I needed something small, light, ambiguous and affordable. That’s when I stumbled up the not-yet-released Sony RX100 IV.

At 20 megapixels it would be a happy medium between my 12 Mp Nikon D700 and 36 Mp Nikon D810. The 24-70mm f 1.8-2.8 equivalent lens would cover the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 lens which is gigantic in size and weight. Plus it shoots 4K video and fits in your jeans pocket.

It’s everything I have ever wanted in a pocket camera. I immediately preordered it on Amazon and can’t wait to see what it can do. There is a chance that I’ll actually have it by the end of this week. How awesome would that be?

Full review will be posted at so make sure to check back there for an update!

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