I needed a break after a day of walking around Manhattan and before the last New York City Twitter meetup during my last adventure in Manhattan. During this trip there was a get-together each and every night! A solid week of going out with friends old and new, it really doesn’t get much better than that! This was truly one of my best trips to the Big Apple.

So for my break I went to a Bed Bath & Beyond. I know it might sound weird but I assure you it was well thought out. Bed Bath & Beyond has vibrating massage chairs next to their iPhone alarm clock docks which meant I could get an hour long chair massage and get my iPhone fully recharged before we went out again.

Just outside the Bed Bath & Beyond was this empty retail space. So I took a picture of it. Certainly by now you understand, or at least accept, my obsession with monochromatic scenes in a full color world.