Par for the Course

Par for the Course
This is the road to Micheal\’s home. It\’s funny to me how I so often forget about pictures, or just throw them to the wayside until I get a new toy. In this case, Topaz Adjust. I played around with this picture for a bit and got something completely different from the original which was quite boring.

justex07 moderator

@jackhutton thanks! Topaz Adjust is a Photoshop plugin that creates a higher dynamic range image from a single exposure, as opposed to shooting three or more exposures. This was shot in 2008 so I think it was shot with my Nikon D700. I've never actually owned a Canon camera, though I've used the Canon 5D MKII and Canon 7D a good bit, mostly so I could help others with it and have a better understanding of how the other half lives haha.