Castro neighborhood in San Francisco looking towards Diamond Heights.

Castro to Diamond Heights

May 28, 2013

A view from my home in the Castro to Diamond Heights in San Francisco. There was something about the stalk contrasts that compelled me to take this photo.

New York City Sunset Silhouette

NYC Sunset Silhouette

April 29, 2013

A view of New York City and Freedom Tower from Dumbo Brooklyn as the sun was setting creating a beautiful silhouette of the skyline.

Meanwhile Somewhere Over Nevada

Meanwhile Somewhere Over Nevada

April 29, 2013

I took this on one of my recent flights as we flew over Nevada. It was oddly beautiful to me so I shot a picture of the mountains.

Sunset in California at the Marin Headlands

Pacific Ocean Sunset

April 26, 2013

View of the sun setting beyond the Pacific Ocean from the Marin Headlands in Northern California. I will never get tired of this beautiful view just a 30 minute drive from my home.


Inexorably Antediluvian?

March 22, 2013

This phone hangs alone, grudged up, forgotten and yet still there. Like a lighthouse, perhaps these icons of a bygone era still hold their purpose.


Bay Bridge from Pier 24

March 20, 2013

A view of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge across the bay to Treasure Island through a late afternoon fog. This was taken outside of the Pier 24 Photography museum.

Prison Desks

Prison Desk

March 17, 2013

An office, long abandoned, for those who worked at Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary, as opposed to those who were incarcerated there.

White Into the Corner


March 10, 2013

Just outside the Bed Bath and Beyond was this empty retail space. So I took a picture of it. Certainly by now you understand, or at least accept, my obsession with monochromatic scenes in a full color world

Tattered and Shattered

Tattered Shadow

March 9, 2013

Loved this scene in Lower Manhattan where a shadow cast itself across a wall covered with tattered bills. It’s one of the only photos I took in SoHo to meet up with Skylor.

Let Heaven Come In

Let Heaven Come In

March 9, 2013

The lighting in the prison emulated the “Eye of God” upon the prisoners. This golden light reaching into the halls a daily reminder of the world outside.