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Highway 805 overpass in San Diego

My friend Kha pulled me out of my house for a photo excursion around San Diego. While I felt pretty rusty in the beginning, I had the swing of things towards the end of our day.

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1980 Toyota Corolla Coupe

1980 Toyota Corolla Coupe

There was something about this perfectly restored 1980 Toyota Corolla Coupe that caught my attention away from the beaches of Esperanza Vieques in Puerto Rico.

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Surface Landscape

Armstrong Woods River of Color

A sweeping landscape as seen from above, as if in a plane flying across a mountain range appears on the surface of a fallen redwood in Armstrong Woods.

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Honor Bar Beverly Hills


The host station at Honor Bar in Beverly Hills is graced by this lovely 1940s Royal KMM typewriter.

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Infinitely Regressive


While not technically infinitely regressive, this photo of leaded crystal champagne flutes from Poland reminded me of the effect created by stacking mirrors.

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Destroyed and Abandoned

Abanoned and Destroyed Umbrella

I came across this forsaken umbrella inside of a New York City subway station. Why someone felt the need to bring it into the station to discard is beyond me.

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Center-pivot Irrigation

Circles and Squares

This was taken as I flew cross-country from San Francisco to New York. It shows just how hard man will try to change the landscape he lives in.

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Inexorably Antediluvian?


This phone hangs alone, grudged up, forgotten and yet still there. Like a lighthouse, perhaps these icons of a bygone era still hold their purpose.

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