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Highway 805 overpass in San Diego

My friend Kha pulled me out of my house for a photo excursion around San Diego. While I felt pretty rusty in the beginning, I had the swing of things towards the end of our day.

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Surface Landscape

Armstrong Woods River of Color

A sweeping landscape as seen from above, as if in a plane flying across a mountain range appears on the surface of a fallen redwood in Armstrong Woods.

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Andy Goldsworthy Wood Line

Andy Goldsworthy Wood Line

Ages ago my friend Jimmy introduced me to both the Presidio and this art installation by Andy Goldsworthy titled, “Wood Line.”

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Honor Bar Beverly Hills


The host station at Honor Bar in Beverly Hills is graced by this lovely 1940s Royal KMM typewriter.

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Destroyed and Abandoned

Abanoned and Destroyed Umbrella

I came across this forsaken umbrella inside of a New York City subway station. Why someone felt the need to bring it into the station to discard is beyond me.

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More Matter With Less Art

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Nelson-Atkins Bloch

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art | Kansas City, Missouri Bloch

The Nelson-Atkins Bloch building last night. Such beautiful and unique architecture. Definitely not something you expect to see in the Midwest.

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Light Obstructed Seating

Light-obstructed seating at the The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Can you figure out what is going on here? It’s a straight photograph. No Photoshop required to accomplish this scene. Count the levels of depth.

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