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Highway 805 overpass in San Diego

My friend Kha pulled me out of my house for a photo excursion around San Diego. While I felt pretty rusty in the beginning, I had the swing of things towards the end of our day.

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Seattle Skyline

The Seattle Needle

During part of a #2DaysInSeattle Klout perk I found myself in Kerry Park and this beautiful scene of Seattle’s skyline.

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Venice Beach Alleyway

Girl leaving the Venice Boardwalk

There was this weird moment when the Venice Boardwalk went away and a calming silence overtook the cacophonous scene in the background.

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Cable Car at Lombard Street

Cable Car San Francisco Lombard Street

This photo captures two of the most photographed things in San Francisco, the infamous cable cars as seen from the curviest road in the world, Lombard Street.

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Castillo de San Cristobal Dungeon

Castillo de San Cristobal Dungeon Skylight

This is the skylight from one of the dungeons of the 230 year old Castillo de San Cristóbal fortress in San Juan Puerto Rico.

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Castro to Diamond Heights

Castro neighborhood in San Francisco looking towards Diamond Heights.

A view from my home in the Castro to Diamond Heights in San Francisco. There was something about the stalk contrasts that compelled me to take this photo.

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NYC Sunset Silhouette

New York City Sunset Silhouette

A view of New York City and Freedom Tower from Dumbo Brooklyn as the sun was setting creating a beautiful silhouette of the skyline.

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Inexorably Antediluvian?


This phone hangs alone, grudged up, forgotten and yet still there. Like a lighthouse, perhaps these icons of a bygone era still hold their purpose.

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